Dr Sanjay Gupta


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Dr sanjay Gupta is a young and dynamic Vastu Consultant. He has brought new and scientific revolution in Vastu Shastra by reaching out his clients in india and overseas . He combines Vastu Shastra, his business experiences and Feng Shui to quickly identify the client’s needs and the solutions to their suffering – be it Financial, Family, Legal, Marriage, Finance, Health, Education, Carrier Guidance, Property, Spiritual, karmic or emotional issues. As a result, he helps with everything from timing big launches, to helping with social media timing blasts and all the way to Spiritual counseling, depending on what is needed. He meets each person where they are. He is quite scientific and logical in his calculations. In his approach he gives more importance to the basic fundamental of Vastu Shastra. His training method supports everyone to create a joyful life, unique to you with precise planning. The result is a rich, vibrant life generated from your genuine expression on the planet.

He is associated with International Vastu Association (Jodhpur) and Institution of Vastu Science (India). With a huge experience in this field, he provides solutions for the Vastu defects by combination of Indian Vastu, Feng Shui, and Pyra Vastu. He has a vision to provide easy Vastu solutions to the mankind at a minimum cost. he were awarded with Albert enstin Award , ‘VASTU Acharya , bio energiticians , phd in Alternative medicines.
Expirence 15 years
delivery time : 3-10 days