Dr Kishan Saraswat

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Shri kishan saraswat a celestial personality, a renowned Astrologer and vastu consultant, an amazing Numerologist, a wonderful astrologer who has been providing aid to needy people since last more than 25 years now. No need to write that he is well versed with astrology, he does not need your question rather he is capable enough to tell you your question along with the remedy. His disciples are not only in India but across the world e.g. India, USA, UK, Australia, Japan etc. Shri kishan saraswat is a great devotee of Goddess “MahaKaali”.
Shri kishan saraswat is practicing Astrology since more than 25years now. God has blessed him with such divine power that he has recovered so many patients from such situations when reputed doctors and hospitals refused to take them. Even after being such a talented person he is very down to earth.
Expirence : Above 25 years
delivery time – 3-7 Days