Dr Ashwin Trivedi




Shree Prof. Dr. Ashwin Trivedi is Jyotish Maharshi, Jyotish Samrat, Jyotishacharya, Jyotish Martand, Jyotish Vachspati, Daivagn Divakar, VASTU SAMRAT, VASTU VISHARAD Shree Prof. Dr. Ashwin Trivedi had begun his career as an Astrologer 30 years back.
His first Article was published in Sandesh Daily (Brush Lee) in 1982. The famous Astrologer also provides his Honorory Services to Gita Bharati Hariharanand Ashram of Ahmedabad for FREE OF COST on every Sunday since last 5 Years. He is lively connected with “Jansatta Newspaper” since last 18 Years and publishes his very famous Columns like : “Aap Ni Aaj” & “Aaj Nu Panchang”.
He is also connected with “Rang Tarang” since last 10 Years and provides astrology questionnaires. He has published different books about Astrology, Vastu, Reiki etc. He also writes Special column in “Shree” and “Stree” and “Jyotish Deep Magazines”(A Group of Sandesh and Gujarat Samachar”) SheeProf. Dr. Ashwin Trivedi has ACHIEVED ”GOLD MEDAL” TWICE FROM HONORARY CHIEF MINISTER OF GUJARAT.
Expirence : Above 25 Years
delivery time : 3-10 days