Astral Remedies for Depression




Depression is common now a day due to high stress level. Everyone experiences depression and stress in his / her life. It becomes a serious matter if depression punches very often and the native becomes the victim of it. Severe depression will make the person highly gloomy, negative, no interest in life and work affecting the overall behavior and health of the person. Depression can be because of failure in one love life, bad marriage, financial constraints, career problems, loss of loved ones.

Identify Depression with horoscope:

  1. Moon is on  that  6th, 8th and 12th bhavas.
  2. Moon is conjoined with Malefic like Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Mars.
  3. If Rahu  , Ketu  aspect and Saturn, aspect or conjoined with Moon.
  4. If Moon is placed alone in any house with no planet on either side.
  5. If Moon is com bust because of its closeness to the Sun.
  6. If Moon and Ascendant is badly afflicted either with placement or aspect of natural malefic planets.
  7. Moon is Malefic and posited in malefic houses.
  8. Moon is debilitated and Navamsha chart and with malefic.