Vastu for residential properties





  • Entrance from North East is Favorable.
  • Bathroom should be in East or in between East and North East
  • Kitchen should be in South-East Corner.
  • Cooking should always be done facing East.
  • Bedrooms should be in Southern side
  • Bedroom of the bread earner of the hose should be in North-West side.
  • Bedroom in South-West corner should be used by the head of the house(parents)
  • Bedroom in Southern and Western side should be used by sons and North-West corner by daughters.
  • Number of doors and windows should be even.
  • Pooja room’s door should have double shutters and four frame.
  • Deity should face West east and North
  • All the doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside.
  • Kitchen should not be in front of or next to the toilet.
  • Toilet door should not face the kitchen or dining hall
  • Toilet should be used facing north during day and facin south during nights, but never east or west.