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Monthly Astrological Forecasts.

From 1, MAY TO 31, MAY 2016.

The planet "sukra" is the swami of this sign. so, friday and wedneshday is good for this sing. You are creating and living in a romantic fantasy. Get out of it and go seek your romance in the real world. This is a good month to plan a vacation with your kids. They need to get to know the loving and caring side of their father. If you want to prosper in life, the mantra would be to be silent, humble and pliant. It is advisable to check your ego and pride as they will only cause you downfall. Women will have to spend a lot of energy and time dealing with minor problems. This would be more difficult as they need to balance between home and career.Diemond is good for this persons.This week please be aware to share marketing this week is not conformable for stock marketing .keep alert and control with your taung this is beneficial for you. worshiped god every day its useful to reduced you problems.