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Monthly Astrological Forecasts.

From 1, MAY TO 31, MAY 2016.

The swami of LEO sing is "SURYA"(SUN).This sing person is never like to yield any of people.This is your beneficial week. You will get success to your field or business. This time is very good to start any of your new business. Some unmarried person chance to arrange marriage. In short, This week is favorable for you. You will see the wealth accumulation kinda Cintint this month, although its functions you will be able to magnify earnings. Your health will improve this month. Wealth accumulation speed will also be a lot less. In the first week of the month in the home of an auspicious sign. Married life will be prosperous. The issue related to your income Discuss with family, it can be beneficial advice you received. You will get many opportunities to profit in Kharobar based Partnership. Kharobar job or a good time to change, but do not expect such a Take your seniors. While you're thinking about promoting it you will be disappointed. Vertical will see volatility. Since the middle of the month, you will be busy with household tasks instead of working professionals. Possible domestic dispute over property, but you can solve the issue of efficiency. Right relationship with your relatives and neighbors go by. Identify your leadership ability, things will be easier for you. This month, the good news is that you and your child will have occasion. To get additional benefits to improve their business skills required. .