• Monthly

Monthly Astrological Forecasts.

From 1, MAY TO 31, MAY 2016.

Rahu is camping in the same sense. In one sense to be the master and the planets of Rahu combination is emerging. This may be your mental peace, however hard you will succeed in business. You work with dedication and hard work. This month will gain in strength, although it may not be your responsibility is growing. This month some sort of loan / borrow, do not, it would be better for you. Also you can switch to your job. This will help your boss at work. Also this month, you will have to face the ups and downs, however, the month that your social, economic and family status will change. If you benefit from this change is possible. Secular change can be. Rights and obligations found in the job will not be satisfied. Never invest in any stock market, because the time is not favorable for you, however, is definitely a good time for business. So you will get good results. This month is possible to meet the new tasks. If you are a student in a new foreign language study and examination requires hard work. Students who study this month they have left can continue their studies again.