Mayur Bhatt


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Mayur Bhatt is well known and foremost astrologer. Mr.Bhatt has been expertise in astrology, numerology,
palmistry, Vastu Shastra and Reiki. He is very prominent in his work in the field of astrology.
He acquires good skills and knowledge in Tarot Astrology. His most beneficial results for people are
his abilities in solving marital issues in one’s life.
Mr.Bhatt has more than 10 years of experience in the field of astrology. From his early life, he has made his
hobby as educating the students.
Through various astrological centers and institutes, Mr. Bhatt is giving
his best services to Senior Citizens etc.
Moreover, exploring workshops regarding astrology based knowledge.

Expirence : Above 15 Years

delivery time : 3-10 days